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On D&D (Pathfinder) characters - HerStory — LiveJournal
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On D&D (Pathfinder) characters
It's amazing how much a single change can alter how you look at and/or love a character.

My group is getting ready to start up a new game with a new (to me) DM, so we were making new characters. There was nothing that really stuck out to me. I mean, I know how to play casters who cast spontaneously - sorcerers and Oracles. But nothing - and I mean NOTHING - was standing out. I'd had an idea previously of a reverse necromancer (you put the dead things back in the ground. Permanently.) but.. eh.

So we were flipping through books, and all of the sudden my boyfriend gets a wonderful idea: Make an Aasimar sorcerer! You can be all BOOM, but that angel-touched blood will make for a great reverse necromancer in the future.

It sounded good so I said.. eh, okay. I made an Aasimar sorcerer. For those who don't know, an Aasimar is a character/race from the first Bestiary who has a large amount of celestial or angel blood. The book specifies it's angel mixed with human.

So later that night my boyfriend was drawing our characters on the back of our character sheets, and.. well.. he misjudged his drawing's proportions for my character. She came out.. um.. short. But then I got the idea - why can't angels mate with halflings, instead? We went to the DM and asked if we could change her to a halfling Aasimar - make the stat changes to account for her being shorter, but not necessarily give her the benefits of the halflings (because we didn't want to switch those benefits/drawbacks for the Aasimar ones).

Our DM said ok! And when I changed Mercy from a human Aasimar to a halfling one, I just fell in love with her.

I think I'll have fun with her now.
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