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March 27th, 2012 - HerStory — LiveJournal
My Life in Words and Pictures
Yknow, I feel like I should post more on here, since I'm reading and commenting and people seem to be friending me again. Trouble is, I have nothing interesting to say.. got up, tired and cold (AGAIN), at work.. bored. Story of my life. Random fun incidentals seem to go up on Tumblr, like Unfucking my Habitat (go look it up on Tumblr or Facebook, it's AWESOME!) or posting screenshots of my updated League of Legends stats. I suppose when I start sewing for faire again (which, honestly, should be SOON since I'm sewing stuff for both myself and my boyfriend (henceforth known as The Boy, unless I think of something better *grin*) ), I can put up pictures.

Let's see, what's happening in my life: My current job is ending (as far as I know) at the end of May; I'm looking for a new job but haven't gotten any bites yet (though I have several leads); I'm slowly teaching myself Javascript via codecademy; I've roped The Boy into faire and get to make him garb (yay? At least it's Cuthie's garb and not St. Luke's...); The Boy and I are celebrating 9 months together tomorrow (well the celebration will probably be on Thursday as that's Date Night, but tomorrow is the anniversary); apparently I really like parenthesis.

Also, I have gotten addicted to Draw Something. If you play, hit me up: I'm Ankhet on DS.. yeah, I keep screen names for DECADES.

ETA: I forgot to add: I'm slowly getting hooked on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. PinkyPie is annoying, but not as annoying as Rarity.
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